In Sky Blue Pink, is a mother-daughter inspired and designed online retail shop. We offer simple creations for your home, kits that encourage opportunities for character-building with your family, and products inspired by nature and its Creator. 

We love growing vegetables and fruits on our little farm. My garden is a place where I feel grounded. I can dig in the earth and talk to the Lord. All spring and summer, you'll take a glimpse into my aesthetic vertical garden, and I'll share how we preserve in various ways. 

You'll notice antiques throughout our products and posts. Antiques weave a story of a simpler way of living. I love thrifting and antiquing and whenever possible, I share them with my friends.

We love simple, soft and comfortable clothing for infants, girls and women along with accessories influenced by nature.

Textiles like fibers, yarns and soft fabrics.

As a homeschool mom of three, I’m always on the lookout for projects and activities to encourage less screen time and more family time… fun activities your whole family will love!

And what about those pre-teens/teens that are learning the gifts God has placed with them? We'll have kits of small projects they can purchase to try out a new hobby.

I'd love to have you and your family a long on this journey. Unplug and enjoy a simpler life! 

Jamie Riley