7-Farmhouse Inspired Valentine’s Day Products Not in Retail Stores

7-Farmhouse Inspired Valentine’s Day Products Not in Retail Stores

We debuted our Valentine’s Day Collection this past week. I’m excited to share with you a few of our simple farmhouse-inspired Valentine’s Day products. You won’t find these in any retail store, and I pray that many of them glorify the love of my life and yours… Jesus.

1. Watercolor Valentine’s Day Stickers

I love the nostalgia of a sticker pack. As a mom with girls of my own, I’m just not always impressed with the sticker choices in the stores. We created over fifty watercolor Valentine’s Day stickers of hearts, fruit and yummy desserts. Pick up a pack and let your kids create their own cards this holiday or share with a friend. Oh, and this set is waterproof!

2. Love Themed Scripture Cards KJV Bible

Our simple “Love” themed scripture cards create more opportunities to place the word before your children. Display them around your home and watch how quickly you and your children learn these verses.

3. Vintage-Inspired Fabric Pennant Banner

Our vintage-inspired fabric pennant banners come in two sizes. Both fit perfectly over a standard window or entryway. I love the simplicity of decorating with an old-fashioned fabric pennant banner. They instantly change the feel of a room!

Our pennant banners also pair nicely with our love themed scripture cards and, when purchased together, come with the cutest little wooden clothes pins.

4. “Love Overcomes All Things,”- 8 x 10 Print.

We plan to offer more printed art and quotes this year, and I am so excited to share this one! This quote below has got me through so many hard trials. It reminds me of the power of God’s love and what it can do when we apply it.

” Love overcomes all things. Love is the most powerful force there is.”

This black and white print on high-quality cardstock resembles a piece of chalkboard art. It looks great in almost any home decor style.

5. Agapao Love Rustic Barn wood Plaque

Agapao love means to love unconditionally and sacrificially as God Himself loves sinful men. Agapao love is the love of God. We hand-painted these words on thick, rustic pieces of barn wood for small stand-alone signs. What a beautiful reminder of the love Jesus had for us when he gave his life on another piece of rustic wood.

6. Wood Bead Garlands with Felted Hearts

You will see many unique garlands throughout our site, and more throughout this year. We’ve enjoyed designing some beautiful Valentine’s Day garlands. Wood bead garlands add a simple addition to any home decor style and are so versatile. This month’s wood bead garlands include felted ivory hearts and mini chalkboard hearts to write the names of those you love.

One of my favorite things to do is to layer my garlands. So, I will take a wood bead garland and hang it in an entryway, and then layer it with a fabric pennant banner.

7. Red Felted Hearts and Felted Heart Adjustable Garlands

Many of you may remember my fall acorn tree from October. I love mixing felt and natural branches for a simple, unique seasonal decor piece.

Our felted red hearts measure approx. 3” x 3” and come in sets of five. Bundle up and take an afternoon walk this winter and gather some branches. We used mod podge to paint the branches and then sprinkled large ice crystals and then let dry. Place the branches in a large pot or vase and hang the felted hearts.

We also created a larger red felted heart and strung them on natural jute twine. This five-foot garland looks sweet in a playroom, playhouse, homeschool room or teacher’s desk. The possibilities are endless.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on these seven unique Valentine’s Day decor items. Tell me in the comments which one is your favorite or if you have a simple decor design, you would like us to consider making. Maybe a sticker pack you’ve always looked for or a rustic sign with a specific saying. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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